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Cancellation Policy

Flight Tickets Cancellation Policy

  1.       . While booking your flight ticket with Odyssefy, opt for the ‘Cancellation Protection’ option and pay a nominal fee to cancel your booking without any penalties.
  2.       . This feature is available on select one-way domestic flights and starts at a nominal fee.
  3.       . To take advantage of this feature, tickets must be canceled 25 hours before the flight's scheduled departure and only through Odyssefy.com.
  4.       . The waiver applies only to full cancellations of an itinerary for all passengers in the booking. In case of partial cancellations, normal cancellation penalties will apply.
  5.       . Note that this zero-cancellation service is valid only for the complete cancellation of the itinerary, not for changing the itinerary dates.
  6.       .  The user agreement and privacy policy of Odyssefy will apply.

Hotel Cancellation Policy

  1.       . The cancellation policy for hotels booked through Odyssefy.com can vary depending on the specific hotel and the terms agreed upon at the time of booking.
  2.       . Generally, cancellations can be made online through your Odyssefy account, and refunds will be processed based on the hotel's cancellation policy.
  3.      I. In some cases, a cancellation fee may apply. It is recommended to check the hotel's cancellation policy before making a booking to understand the terms and conditions.