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Odyssefy offers cheapest prices compare to any other websites. The prices on our website displays through services include taxes or tax recovery charges. We as ‘Odyssefy’ reserves right to charge convenience fees or services charge in addition to booking cost charged by the service providers.

All the prices will be displayed on our website, any additional fees including the fees related to any modification will be displayed to the user before confirming to the booking.

Prices for travel services are dynamic in nature and it can change any time on the website. Price changes will not affect if the booking is already accepted however exception will be there in case of obvious error. We display many travel services on our website and we try hard to ensure the price is accurate. We reserve the right to correct any pricing errors on our Service.

If there is an obvious error and you have made a booking, we will offer you the opportunity to keep your booking by paying the correct price or we will cancel your booking without penalty. We have no obligation to make available Travel Services to you at an incorrect (lower) price even after you have been sent a Booking Confirmation, if the error should reasonably have been apparent to you.

The User agrees and understands that all payments shall only be made to bank accounts of Odyssefy. Odyssefy or its agents, representatives or employees shall never ask a customer to transfer money to any private account or to an account not held in the name of Odyssefy. The User agrees that if that user transfers any amount against any booking or transaction to any bank account that is not legitimately held by Odyssefy or to any personal account of any person, Odyssefy shall not be held liable for the same. User shall not hold any right to recover from Odyssefy any amount which is transferred by the User to any third party.

The User will not share his personal sensitive information like credit/debit card number, CVV, OTP, card expiry date, user IDs, passwords etc. with any person including the agents, employees or representatives of Odyssefy. The User shall immediately inform Odyssefy if such details are demanded by any of its agents' employees or representatives. Odyssefy shall not be liable for any loss that the User incurs for sharing the aforesaid details.

In case of Refund, user will receive the refund in the same form of payment (UPI / Debit or credit card ). Refund Can take time depending upon their financial institution.